I am an Assistant Professor of Writing in the Department of Writing at Loyola University Maryland. I teach courses in first-year writing (WR100), rhetoric (WR220), web writing (WR305), and professional and technical writing (WR325, WR326, GB767). I am also the Department of Writing Internship Coordinator and teach the Writing Internship courses (WR402, WR403).


  • PhD in English: Specializing in Rhetoric and Composition, Professional Writing, and Public Rhetorics, Purdue University, 2010
  • MA in English: Specializing in Composition and Professional Writing, Virginia Tech, 2003
  • BA in English: Specializing in Professional Writing, Virginia Tech, 2000
  • AS in General Studies, Northern Virginia Community College, 1996

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I use a mixture of rhetorical theories, technology, empirical research, and civic engagement to teach writing. In my classes, you will learn how rhetoric and writing intersect with the Internet and social networking technologies, as well as traditional communication, such as print media. For more information on the courses I teach, please go to the Students page. To read more about my teaching philosophy, go to my Teaching, Research, Service page.


My research focuses on developing sustained, mutually-beneficial college-community partnerships. To foster this collaboration, I use empirical methods (qualitative and quantitative) to work with community members in developing, assessing, and revising civic engagement projects. I also conduct usability research dealing with human-technology interaction. To read more, please go to my Teaching, Research, Service page.


My service focuses on bringing about positive change in our communities, both on and off campus. In serving my university and my local communities, I follow Ernest L. Boyer’s “engaged scholarship” approach that combines teaching, research, and civic engagement so that these areas inform and improve one another. To read more, please go to my Teaching, Research, Service page.

Map of Baltimore from Johns Hopkins University Special Collections