WR100.04S, WR100.05, Sp 2016

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Course Schedule

Unit One – Genre, Rhetoric, and Writing

Week 1 :: Project 1 Assignment Sheet

1/20 :: Course intro.; review syllabus; writing genres

1/22 :: WR100.04S: Self and Other in-class writing and discussion. WR100.05: class cancelled.  Please complete the readings from today for Monday and be safe over the weekend.

Week 2

1/25 :: Read email etiquette and send me a hello email following etiquette guidelines; read Project 1 assignment sheet; read “The Watcher at the Gate“; look through Writing Today and search the Internet and try to answer this question: what is rhetoric?; in-class writing (I will provide the prompt). Also read “The Long, Painful and Repetitive History of How Baltimore Became Baltimore“; Messina folks: read “A More Perfect Union” from Writing Today

1/27 :: Book check; read Writing Today chapter 1

1/28 :: The Modern Masters Reading Series talk with Richard Ford, originally scheduled for 5 PM in McManus Theater, has been postponed due to weather.

1/29 :: Choose the nonfiction article you will analyze; read and use the Project 1 outline checklist to help you organize your genre analysis; read Writing Today chapter 2. You may also want to read ahead for next week – “The Case for Reparations” is long

Week 3

2/1 :: Outline for Project 1 due; finish reading “The Case for Reparations“; Messina folks: read “Slapstick” from Writing Today

2/3 :: Introductory paragraph for Project 1 due (Project 1 introduction paragraph checklist); read the Purdue OWL’s citation resources (read the one you’re using): Chicago Manual StyleMLAAPA

2/5 :: Reading quiz 1 on genre and “The Case for Reparations”; read Project 2 assignment sheet and Writing Today chapter 3; in-class punctuation exercises from the Purdue OWL

Week 4 :: Project 2 Assignment Sheet

2/8 :: Bring Project 1 rough draft for workshop; read Body Paragraphs from the Purdue OWL to get an idea of essay organization and Writing Today pages 136-160, and 624-629; Messina folks: read “Taking on Creationism” from Writing Today

2/10 :: Read Writing Today pages 401-408; read the CityLab article about redlining in Baltimore

2/11 :: Extra Credit Event: Why Theology Must Think Again About Sex, 7 p.m., McGuire Hall

2/12 :: Class cancelled but is still Project 1 due in Dropbox by the end of class time; read the Project 2 assignment sheet and the Rhetorical Strategies for Persuasion from the Purdue OWL for ethos, pathos, and logos

Week 5

2/15 :: Bring your Project 2 article – make sure it’s an argumentative article (look for a strong thesis); read Aristotle’s Proofs. For your reference, here are the maps for a Basic Rhetorical Analysis and a Complex Rhetorical Analysis, as well as Rhetorical Analysis Sample; Messina folks: read read “Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters” from Writing Today and think about housing issues

2/17 :: Watch part of the Pope’s address to the US congress (here is the complete text); read the Big Seven Handout in the Course Resources at the top of this page; read this article on the influences of a Jesuit education, and read the Declaration of Independence

2/18 :: Extra Credit Event: Modern Masters Reading Series, Beth Bachmann, 5 PM, McManus Theater

2/19 :: Snow day(s) makeup discussion

Week 6

2/22 :: Project 2 outline due; read Writing Today chapter 22 and pages 409-414; read Identifying Fallacies 1 and Identifying Fallacies 2; sign up for conferences; Messina folks: read “Will America Forget its Veterans?”

2/24 :: Bring your graded Project 1 printed or electronic; read the Purdue OWL’s Paramedic Method and the Five Principles of Readability; optional reading: author of “The Case for Reparations” wins 2015 MacArthur “genius grant” award

2/26 :: Reading quiz 2; mid-term grades due 2/26 by 3 PM (S = satisfactory work; U = unsatisfactory work)

Week 7 :: Spring break

Unit Two – Conducting Research

Week 8 :: Project 3 Assignment Sheet

3/7 :: Project 2 rough draft due for conference workshop; read Project 3 assignment sheet (below) and one proposal from the Writing for Change page; read half of Writing Today chapter 24; read the Exploratory Research Map; Messina folks: meet in front of LND library for our experiential research trip to GEDCO/CARES. This is a mandatory trip; read “Response, Recovery, and Rebuilding in Baltimore” and the GEDCO/CARES website

3/9 :: Meet in LND Library; read second half of Writing Today chapter 24 and some sample proposals from the text and from the Writing for Change page on this website; read Writing Today chapter 25

3/11 :: Meet in LND LibraryProject 2 due; Review and use the LND Research Guide; read Evaluating SourcesRequirements for Exploratory Writing Log and Annotated Bibliography, and the sample Research Log

Week 9

3/14 :: Read Writing Today chapter 12, Empirical Research Map the Empirical Research MethodologyLND Research Handout and Observations, Interviews, and Surveys; Messina folks: meet in front of LND library for experiential research trip to VA Medical Center on Loch Raven Blvd. This is a mandatory trip; read “Confronting a Health Emergency in West Baltimore”, “Broadband Would Transform Baltimore”, and the VA center website

3/16 :: Decide on your research topic for Project 3; citation quiz; read excerpt from Blockbusting in Baltimore

3/16 :: Extra Credit Event: Would you Baptize an Extraterrestrial?  With Guy Consolmagno, S.J.  presented by the office of mission integration, 7 p.m., McGuire Hall

3/18 :: Read the talk from Rev. Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, S.J.; Act I of Clybourne Park (for future terms: read first half of “The Third Rail“)

Week 10

3/21 :: Read Act II of Clybourne Park; (for future terms: read the second half of “The Third Rail“) Messina folks: Andy and Juliana are leading the roommate and housing module

3/23 :: Complete as much of your stasis worksheet as possible – type, print, and bring to class; read the Stasis Worksheet; read Stasis Theory, and Stasis Methodology; read how stasis theory will help you with your proposal

3/25 :: Easter break

Week 11

3/28 :: Easter break

3/30 :: Project 3 primary and two secondary research questions due – use this stasis worksheet to help you: (print out and bring to class); read kairos; sign up for conferences

4/1 :: Read excerpt from Not in My Neighborhood

4/2 :: Trip to American Visionary Arts Museum (AVAM) with lunch; EH on Monday 4/4 is cancelled

Week 12

4/4 :: Please complete the first-year feedback survey from the Higher Education Research Institute and Loyola University’s Office of Institutional Research. As a way of saying “Thank you!” for completing this survey, the first 100 students who respond by Monday, April 4th will be automatically entered into a special raffle to be eligible to win one of two $100 Amazon.com gift card.  After the close of the survey, winners will be selected randomly and notified by e-mail by the Office of Institutional Research.

4/4 :: Project 3 outline and audience analysis due (review Writing Today chapter 3 for how to do your audience analysis and make sure you identify your primary decision maker); read “Who Are We?” and  Creating Just Language handout from the CCSJ; conference sign up; Messina folks: EH cancelled for AVAM trip on Saturday 4/2

4/4 :: Extra Credit Event: Logical Fallacies in Politics with Dr. Bizzell, Cardin Chair in Humanities, 5:00 Sellinger 005, presented by the Rhetorical Society

4/6 :: Project 3 introductory paragraph due; bring your audience analysis; read Writing Today chapter 18; in-class work day for project 3

4/8 :: Review the Baltimore Anchor Plan at the top of this page; in-class work time for Project 3

Week 13

4/11 :: Project 3 rough draft due for workshop; bring your paragraph on what you did in your writing group on 4/8; read Writing Today chapters 5; in-class writing; Messina folks: Andy and Juliana will lead the study abroad module so think about where you might want to study abroad, if you’re going to do that. And if you’re not going to study abroad, think about Baltimore possibilities your Junior year

Unit 3 – Reflecting and Presenting

4/13 :: Reading quiz 3 (on Blockbusting in Baltimore and Not in My Neighborhood); in-class work day

4/15 :: Read Project 4 assignment sheet; read the Baltimore Sun Freddie Gray death timeline; read this CNN article on Freddie Gray’s death and the uprisings this Baltimore Sun article about Freddie Gray’s autopsy; read about the latest in the Freddie Gray trials

Week 14 :: Project 4 Assignment Sheet

4/18 :: Read these flash memoirs: Dumber ThanFree Tibet, Man!; in-class work day; Messina folks: read “Being Against Gay Marriage Doesn’t Make You a Homophobe” from Writing Today; Messina learning outcomes and Self and Other theme reflection and discernment

4/20 :: Bring in Project 3 draft for workshop; read Writing Today chapter 18; read the Purdue OWL’s Visual Rhetoric resources, the Visual Literacy Presentation; in-class writing

4/22 :: Project 3 due; read these: Speaking of designand the redesigns; in-class work day

Week 15

4/25 :: Reading quiz 4; read Writing Today chapter 32 and the presentation checklist; in-class activity: compose the first two slides of your end-of-term PowerPoint presentation; check out The Whiteness Project

4/27 :: Grammar and mechanics test; read about what some Towson U. students have done in response to the Freddie Gray uprisings last year

4/28 :: Extra Credit Event: Modern Masters Reading Series, Pulitzer Prize winning author Richard Ford, 5 PM, McGuire Hall West

4/29 :: In-class work day; check out some of the links off of Loyola’s One Baltimore page regarding our school’s work since the Freddie Gray uprisings

5/2 :: Last day of class: memoir and PowerPoint rough drafts due for conference workshop; course evaluations; Messina folks: Andy and Juliana will lead a semester reflection

Week 16

Final Exam. WR100.04S: 5/6 @ 9 AM; WR100.05: 5/9 @ 9 AM. Project 4 is due by our exam time with your five-minute PowerPoint presentation. Attendance at your scheduled final exam time is required to pass. Please obtain university permission and let me know in advance if you need to reschedule your exam due to exam scheduling conflict.