WR100, Spring 2015

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Course Schedule

Unit 1 – Genre, Rhetoric, and Writing

Week 1 :: Project 1 Assignment Sheet

1/13 :: Course intro.; review syllabus; writing genres

1/15 :: Read Project 1 assignment sheet; read “The Watcher at the Gate“; watch this video, look through Writing Today, and search the Internet and try to answer this question: what is rhetoric?; in-class writing (I will provide the prompt)

Week 2

1/19 :: Read “The Case for Reparations” and attend the Martin Luther King, Jr. Convocation in McGuire Hall at 5 PM. “The Case for Reparations” is long; please give yourself time to read it

1/20 :: Choose the nonfiction article you will analyze; outline for Project 1 due (Project 1 outline checklist); read Writing Today chapters 1 and 2; read the Purdue OWL’s citation resources (read the one you’re using): Chicago Manual StyleMLAAPA

1/22 :: Class in cancelled so you can attend the Martin Luther King, Jr. Convocation

Week 3

1/27 :: Introductory paragraph for Project 1 due (Project 1 introduction paragraph checklist); reading quiz 1 on genre, the rhetorical situation, and “The Case for Reparations”; read Project 2 assignment sheet and Writing Today chapter 3, pages 143-157, 161, and 678-685; in-class critical reflection on convocation

1/29 :: Bring Project 1 rough draft for workshop; read Body Paragraphs from the Purdue OWL to get an idea of essay organization, and read Writing Today 414-423

Week 4 :: Project 2 Assignment Sheet

2/3 :: Project 1 duebring your Project 2 article – make sure it’s an argumentative article (look for a strong thesis); read Rhetorical Strategies for Persuasion from the Purdue OWL for ethos, pathos, and logos; read Aristotle’s Proofs. For your reference, here are the maps for a Basic Rhetorical Analysis and a Complex Rhetorical Analysis, as well as Rhetorical Analysis Sample 1 and Rhetorical Analysis Sample 2

2/5 :: Read these Op/Ed articles: NYT 1, NYT 2, Fox 1, Fox 2; read the Big Seven Handout in the Course Resources at the top of this page; read the Declaration of Independence

Week 5

2/10 :: Project 2 outline due; read Writing Today chapter 22 and pages 406-412; read Identifying Fallacies 1

2/12 :: Read Identifying Fallacies 2

Week 6

2/17 :: Project 2 rough draft due for conference workshop; read Writing Today chapter 24; read the Purdue OWL’s Paramedic Method and the Five Principles of Readability; sign up for conferences

2/19 :: Reading quiz 2; read Project 3 assignment sheet (below) and one proposal from the Writing for Change page; read half of Writing Today chapter 25; read the Exploratory Research Map

Unit 2 – Conducting Research

Week 7 :: Project 3 Assignment Sheet

2/24 :: Research workshop with LND librarian; mid-semester course evaluation; read Writing Today chapter 11 and sample proposals and second half of Writing Today chapter 25; read Evaluating SourcesRequirements for Exploratory Writing Log and Annotated Bibliography, and the sample Research Log

2/26 :: Project 2 due; research workshop with LND librarian; bring your research topic; reading quiz 3 (you must be in the library session as scheduled to take the quiz); read Empirical Research Map and the Empirical Research Methodology

Mid-term grades due by 2/27 at 3:00 PM (S = satisfactory work; U = unsatisfactory work)

Week 8

3/3 :: Spring break, no class

3/5 :: Spring break, no class

Week 9

3/10 :: Citation quiz (you must take the quiz in class as scheduled); watch this video and read the BIg 7 handout at the top of this page to help you prepare for the Grammar and Mechanics test on 3/12 test; Project 3 primary and two secondary research questions due – use this stasis worksheet to help you: (print out and bring to class) Stasis Worksheet; read Stasis Theory, and Stasis Methodology

3/12 :: Paper 1 revision due; grammar and mechanics test (you must take the test in class as scheduled); complete as much of your stasis worksheet as possible – type, print, and bring to classemail me your topic (you must have it chosen by this date); read excerpt from Blockbusting in Baltimore

Week 10

3/17 :: Project 3 outline and audience analysis due (review Writing Today chapter 3 for how to do your audience analysis and make sure you identify your primary decision maker); read excerpt from Not in My Neighborhood

3/19 :: Read “Who Are We?“, LND Research Handout and Observations, Interviews, and Surveys

Week 11

3/24 :: Reading quiz 4 (on Blockbusting in Baltimore and Not in My Neighborhood); Project 3 introductory paragraph due; bring your audience analysis; read Writing Today chapter 18 chapter; in-class work day for project 3

3/26 :: In-class work time on Project 3

Week 12

3/31 ::  In-class work time on Project 3

4/2 :: Easter break, no class

Unit 3 – Putting Rhetoric and Writing to Work; Reflection

Week 13 :: Project 4 Assignment Sheet

4/7 :: Project 3 rough draft due for workshop; read Project 4 assignment sheet  – remember that Project 4 now only consists of the memoir and PowerPoint; the revision is optional –  and Writing Today chapters 4; in-class writing

4/9 :: Project 3 due; read these flash memoirs: LeapDumber ThanFree Tibet, Man!; in-class writing

Week 14

4/14 :: Read Writing Today chapter 17, the Purdue OWL’s Visual Rhetoric resources, the Visual Literacy Presentation

4/16 :: Speaking of designand the redesigns; read Creating Just Language handout from the CCSJ; in-class work day

Week 15

4/21 :: Read Essay to Report PowerPoint presentation and the Purdue OWL’s HATS presentation; read Writing Today chapter 32 and the presentation checklist; in-class activity: compose the first two slides of your end-of-term PowerPoint presentation

4/23 :: Memoir and PowerPoint rough drafts due for conference workshop

Week 16

Final Exam: Project 4 due with five-minute presentation. Attendance at your scheduled final exam time is required to pass this class. Please obtain university permission and let me know in advance if you need to reschedule your exam due to exam scheduling conflict.