Writing for Change

This page contains outstanding student work that is focused on bringing about positive change in the local communities in which I have taught. This work includes civically-focused work, service-learning, and civic writing projects. For more examples of civic engagement and service-learning from my professional writing classes, see my Community page.

If you are a student of mine and would like to submit your work to this page, please give me permission to post it by writing the following in your submission email: “You have permission to use my work for teaching and research and to post it to the web.” Group work requires all team members’ permission.

WR100, Effective Writing, Loyola University Maryland

Samantha Lulov, Fall 2016

Annie Hayburn, Fall 2016

Katherine Benoit, Fall 2016

Claire Scott, Spring 2016

Fiona Bentham, Spring 2016

Amanda Puglise, Spring 2013

Samantha Serafino, Spring 2013

Scott Lombardo, Fall 2012

Jenna Smith, Spring 2012

Keyana Sabbakhan, Spring 2012

Kimberly Bleming, Spring 2011

English 106, Introductory Composition, Purdue University

Sandeep Suresh, Fall 2008

2007 English 106 Showcase Winner: Best Project (1st Place); Best Display (1st Place)

Amy Berry, Fall 2008

Justin Miller, Spring 2006

Michael Reddy, Spring 2007

2008 106 Showcase Winner: Best Original Project (Honorable Mention)

Ellen Stewart, Spring 2006

English 421, Technical Writing, Purdue University

John Carney, Brett Bavar, Wes Moore, Spring 2007

English 393, Technical Writing, University of Maryland

Leigh Arscott and Casey Jordan, Spring 2005
2006 Professional Writing Program Contest Winner: 1st Place, Technical Writing